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Change a Reservation

Whether it's changing the dates of your stay, the number of guests or something else, you can change a confirmed reservation by submitting a change request to your Host through the Contact Us form.

Change the dates of your stay or the number of guests

Please note the Host will have to accept any changes submitted. If your Host doesn't respond within 48hrs, try sending a reminder to review your alteration request.

Once the Host has agreed to your request you will receive a notification email, approving or declining your request.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when making a change request:

Be clear in your message what you are requesting. And include your details

You may be charged or refunded, if necessary, depending of the changes requested

If the Host declines your request, your reservation will stay the same

You can’t make changes if your checkout date is in the past

Once changes have been made, any later changes must go through the process outlined above as a new request

If the Host altered their pricing for the new dates before you requested the change, your new reservation will reflect this pricing

Changing the reservation dates may impact your eligibility for a weekly or monthly discounted rate

Once a reservation has started, you can’t change the number of guests

If you cancel after the trip has started, the remaining nights (up to 30 nights) of the reservation are non-refundable